small things

In january we bought a house(a small school build in 1912) in Friesland.
For now we are rebuilding the house, so I have little time to work in my studio. 
Only the small things....


Preparing the mold

filled with plaster



moldmaking 2

Yesterday I decided to make a new mold of drawing pins. You can see the result here. 

This result is cast in porcelain.



These little candies together seem to me a beautiful composition of a porcelain brooch. 
I have decided to make a mold for today.I have no idea if this will work out, but it's fun to do.

preparing the mold

Plaster in the mold

Oops, one candy got away in the plaster!!!
and the other candy dissolves in the water, what a sticky mess....


there was the missing candy

Tomorrow I 'll try again, I first have to buy more candy.



I found this picture on www.adrawingaweek.blogspot.com
it reminds me of my own work in porcelain

Porcelain brooches made of two layers of porcelain with a transfer of Delftware blue and golden luster. 16 pieces form a entity.
Together they form one object. You can give each friend or familymember one piece and together you will form a whole.
I also make entities with 4 or 9 pieces.
Each brooch has a silver pin on the backside.



art and craft

Original idea
altered bone china plate with decals and surgical instruments made by Rebecca Ridsdel.
You can see more of here work at  www.behance.net/beccyridsdel